Completed Games

Over the past few years I’ve worked on some games. Some were done 100% solo with no outside assets or aid, some were completed as small collaborations, and some were smaller parts on larger projects.  Below is a list of all those projects, as well as a brief description of my roles or some details for each one. 

Studio Projects

MyDream (MyDream Interactive, 2014-2015, Launches Dec 1 2015, Unity)
– Lead Community Manager & Lead QA Engineer (Plus a strong emphasis on Game Design and Production)

Pug Run (Tic Toc Games, 2013, Unity)
– Level Design

Petpet Park & Various Neopets Site Content Games (Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group, 2009)
– QA Engineer & Production (Student Intern)

Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem (THQ, 2003)
– QA Engineer (Note: 88 hours per week mega-overtime for most of it)


Global Game Jam Projects

Flatform (2014, Game Maker)
 – Asymmetric goal-based arena: one player moves up/down/left/right along the background tiles, the other moves left/right + jump and is affected by gravity, both try to kill each other or reach the goal across the other one’s path. Designed concept & formed a team around it.

Ophiuchus (2012, XNA)
– Radial Arkanoid concept, launch a ball towards blocks configured in a ring pattern by clicking the screen to emit a shockwave. Met with jammers, we formed a team, I pitched this idea and we rolled with it. Created music and SFX for the project.

Single Player Game (2011, Flash)
– Comedic chase + fetch based on unfaithful relationship goals. Team was formed around the project concept. Created SFX for the project.


Collaboration Projects

Shut Down CISPA (2012, Stencyl)
– Long boss battle SHUMP format, buy upgrades and call upon your allies to take down the invasive CISPA satellite. Political project aimed at raising awareness about CISPA and lead players to petitions to sign against potentially harmful internet legislation (that was and still is being made by people who don’t understand the internet as a whole).

Ninjew Saves Hanukkah (2012, Stencyl)
– Holiday-themed platformer with anti-consumerist overtones. The goal was to make a Hanukkah project because its a holiday that lacks representation in games. Game was completed and launched with about 25% of the total content we may have wanted, and we haven’t been able to go back and add the rest yet.


Solo Projects (100% solo, no outside help or assets, I’m the ONLY person who worked on them!)

Ultra Profanity Shooter– (on Kongregate) (2012, Flash CS4)
– Part of a snarky counter to “No Cursing Day” and a bit of a fun, silly project to practice voice acting. The goal was to make something more clean and polished than the previous Flash games I made. Published on Newgrounds and Kongregate.

Audiolock (2011, Flash CS4)
– First ever game designed around Noise Cancellation as a gameplay mechanic (as far as I’m aware) set in a minimalist spy/espionage themed game. Players must match the pitch, phase, and amplitude of one or multiple sounds in order to progress. Previously published on MochiMedia.

Dual Input Gallery (2011, Flash CS4)
– An extension of the Dual Input concept. This takes the system established in Dual Input Defender and adjusts it into a 30 level shooting gallery that lets players test their reflexes, decision-making, and hand-eye coordination in realtime. Levels provide metrics on hits, misses, errors, and lost targets, allowing the player to see how well they did and compare scores between attempts. Previously published on MochiMedia.

Dual Input Defender (2011, Flash CS4)
– The first entry on the Dual Input concept, establishing the use of one color of crosshair on Keyboard and the other on Mouse, causing players to use two different control systems in order to hit color-coded targets along a path. The is the first unique and original game I created and released by myself. This is roughly based on an idea seen in an aptitude test at Entertainment for All Expo 2007. Previously published on MochiMedia.

Somewhere Between 1 and 1,000,000 (2010, Flash CS4)
– This is a very small, simple game where players get 80 chances to use the process of elimination to detect a number in the range between 1 and 1,000,000. This was only published so I could test the publish process on MochiMedia. For some reason it had constant repeat plays from specifically the “Israel” region according to Mochi’s demographic metrics.


Fan Projects

Liberator Tailgun Minigame (PlanetSide 2, 2012, made in Stencyl, left unfinished)
– Simple model to allow players to propose an ideal balance for the “Liberator” tailgun position by abstracting rear aircraft pursuit defense into a flat system. This uses audio assets from the original PlanetSide game.


Mods + Game Content

Hex Crystal Camo (PlanetSide 2 Player Studio Camo)
– Tessellating camouflage pattern that can be applied to weapons, vehicles, and infantry armor. Based on the Start of David, as a sneaky way to get Jewish-themed content into the game.

Battlezone (Legends of Might & Magic Map)
– Monsters + Players arena, Capture the Flag format, symmetric topside and balanced asymmetic underground layer.

The Room (Legends of Might & Magic Map)
– All weapons, two team spawn chambers, simple space, using a “ladder” brush to allow 3d flight and combat.

The Room 2 (Legends of Might & Magic Map)
– Expansion on The Room, individual spawn chambers, additional obstacles and hazards.

Trial By Fire (Legends of Might & Magic Map)
– Looping gauntlet of lava & fireballs, used for “Clan Recruitment Trials” for my guild in the game.