Feature Concept Documents

Over the years I’ve made observations on systems that could be used to add exceptional functionality to large-scale online multiplayer games. The first eight documents (and the associated documents) were originally written with the idea of EverQuest Next in mind, as I was a part of the vocal community before the release of Landmark in 2014, and theorycrafting is something I was doing for fun and to explain my ideas in full.

1a – Advanced Gear System – Item Composition and History
1b – The Fighter from Cityplace
1c – Taetham’s Slayer

2a – Multiple Organizations Expanded
2b – Original System for Multiple Organizations

3 – Ancestral Lineage in Character Creation or Gameplay

4 – Battle Based Looting

5 – Epic Brewing

6 – Flesh Corruptor

7 – Biomes & Biodiversity

8 – Language as a Key Gameplay Element


Future topics I plan to write up:

Health, Wellness, Disease, and Illness
Morale, Comfort, Discipline, and Resolve
Dreams, Nightmares, Visions, and Hallucinations
Every NPC is Important
Better Minions, Pets, NPCs, etc
Impact on Mobility from Encumbrance and Awkwardness
Magic and Machinery (or: Tube + Explosion = Cannon)
Better Death and After-Death Systems
Reputation: A Product of All Interactions, Not A Sum
Effects of Familiarity from Repeat Interactions (Friends, Rivals, Associates, Etc)